Sandi Hoffman

For the past twenty years, Sandi Hoffman has been the name behind brilliant celebrations hosted throughout the United States. A native of Washington, D.C., Sandi has always shared her innate gift for creating beautiful and charming events. Coming of age in the seventies – an era when "party planning" was nothing glamorous and certainly not a recognized profession – she threw her own Sweet Sixteen party, organized events as president of her sorority, and planned her own wedding with panache. Throughout the eighties, Sandi organized grand-scale galas, fund-raisers, and charity events as a volunteer for a myriad of organizations.

In 1992, Sandi fully entered her career as a party planner already equipped with years of invaluable experience and a finely calibrated sense of all things bon ton. Her reputation – established solely by word of mouth – soon made her the planner of choice for an elite circle of clients with the means and taste for celebrating in lavishly elegant, highly personalized style. Read More

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